Modular System of Encryption

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Description:   Logiciel mettant en oeuvre des systA?mes de chiffrement poly-alphabA©tiques simples tels que le chiffre de CA©sar, de VigenA?re et de Vernam. SystA?me de pluginsCassage de texte chiffrA© automatiqueCalcul des frA©quences de distributions des lettres dans un texteGA©nA©ration de textes alA©atoiresConsole d'informations

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Modular Operating System - ModulOS The aim of this project is to develop a modular operating system for the i386 architecture, where each device driver, file system, etc, will be a module that can be loaded and unloaded at run-time from the system.

Open Modular Message System OMMS is the "Open Modular Message System". It uses plugins to support different kinds of message types like email, news, SMS, Fax, etc.

OpenLevimin Currently Levimin 2.0 has as its main feature being a base platform for a modular system, where the developer will not have to develop a system from scratch but can use the huge structure and library Levimin Ajax 2.0 today. Plataforma de desenvolvimento WEB

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AED Encryption System AED (Arash's Encryption/Decryption) is a perfect software for encrypting/decrypting any kind of files using a "Password" (which is optional and you can enter an space in the password field.) and a "Digital Key" which is a necessary file.

WikiTeX WikiTeX is a modular system to deliver graphical objects to Wiki articles; not confined to LaTeX, however, WikiTeX currently supports Lilypond, Gnuplot, Graphviz, et alia.

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